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The Ragwear organic clothing line is cool and durable,
the styles are made of recycled polyester
and the finest organic cotton for which no pesticides have been used,
keeping water consumption and pollution to a minimum.

Feels Good, Wear Good

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Born in Wiesbaden.. Raised in Prague.. 21 years in the making...

Ragwear's story begins in the end of the 1990's in a little German spa town called Wiesbaden, where
streetwear importer Holger Brodkorb was inspired by the local skate scene, but thought he could make
better quality, better looking, better value clothing.

And then blah blah blah a whole bunch of other stuff happened, and now we're in Prague, designing
streetwear that we think you'd look nice in. 

By the way: as of now ragwear is certified with animal rights group PETA’s “approved vegan” label.
Not only ‘cause everybody’s vegan right now – we’re doing it, because we are convinced that not a
single animal should die for such a thing as fashion.
Thus our patches are made of artificial leather, buttons out of coconuts
and all our colors have not been animal-tested.

Our organic line is cool & sustainable, styles are made of recycled polyester and finest
organic cotton for which no pesticides has been used and that keeps water
consumption and pollution at a minimal.

Feels good, wears good.

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